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  • Joe Toole - Envirorad Services
    in-situ radiation measurements using handheld instruments - (contamination, dose rate and radon)
  • Joe Toole - Envirorad Services
    technologies for seeking radioactive hot particles
  • Joe Toole - Envirorad Services
    radioactive waste management – waste segregation technology; use of natural analogues in support of geological disposal strategies
  • Joe Toole - Envirorad Services
    radionuclide speciation and environmental mobility
  • Joe Toole - Envirorad Services
    NORM surveys and assessments in the non-nuclear energy industries
  • Joe Toole - Envirorad Services
    radiochemical methods – development, validation and application
  • Joe Toole - Envirorad Services
    beta and gamma spectrometry


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CV of Joe Toole - EnviroRAD

Joe Toole

Joe Toole
Principal Nuclear Environmental Consultant



Joe has worked in the environmental radioactivity and nuclear fields for some 30 years and has experience in academia, industry and the private sector. He is self-motivated, committed to high-quality science and has published and presented commercial and research outcomes extensively throughout his career.

His entry into the radioactivity field started with his PhD research on the chemistry and disequilibrium studies of natural series radionuclides in the early 1980s. This expanded to studies into research into the environmental behaviour of transuranic nuclides and fission products during his postdoctoral awards in the mid-1980s.

He moved to Harwell in 1990 to join the Environmental and Medical Sciences Division, where he held various roles in UKAEA, then AEA Technology, then Harwell Scientifics. During this time he was Laboratory Manager (Radiochemistry and Bioassay), Technical Manager, Business Development Manager and Technical Consultant. He has written many successful commercial proposals, and managed resultant work programmes totalling over £5m for a wide range of clients including the Environment Agency, DoE, MoD, MAFF (Food Standards Agency), DTI Safeguards Office, UKAEA, BNFL, Euratom and IAEA. Joe was one of the first two technical consultants in the UK to achieve UKAS accreditation for the provision of Opinions and Interpretations on radioactivity measurements. He provided two chapters for the 1998 Radiochemical Manual published by AEA Technology and funded by the DTI.

His experience has been recognised through invitations to join several professional organisations and organising committees – the Environment Agency’s Standing Committee of Analysts Working Group 9, the UK Analysts Informal Working Group, the RSC Radiochemical Methods Group and the new SRP Scottish Group. He has helped organise three scientific meetings, for the Royal Society of Chemistry in 1996, for UKAEA in 2005 and for SRP in 2010, chairing the afternoon session.

In 2003, Joe moved to UKAEA Dounreay with responsibility for the development and delivery of all aspects of UKAEA's radioactive particles programme. He helped build a team in the Land Remediation and Particles Department, delivering NDA targets under time and budget relating to improved onshore monitoring technology, innovative subsea monitoring technology and research into the physical, chemical and environmental behaviour of the particles. He set up and chaired the UKAEA Beach Monitoring Steering Group to seek and test international technologies for wide-area detection of radioactive particles. His Group delivered savings of more than £0.5m under the NDA shared services initiative. He produced and presented a series of reports and information to the regulator SEPA, to Scottish Government and to the Dounreay Particles Advisory Group in support of their 3rd and 4th reports. He played a key role in the Particles BPEO process, participating in workshops, public exhibitions, serving on an Options scoring panel and writing the BPEO report and supporting documentation.

Joe joined WorleyParsons in 2008 as principal nuclear environmental consultant. He has provided consultancy services in the UK and abroad to clients in the nuclear decommissioning, oil & gas and mining sectors. This consultancy included field measurements of radioactivity, results interpretation, radiological risk assessment, non-exempt waste segregation technology and regulatory review. He is now setting up an environmental consultancy to deliver nuclear and environmental services.

August 2008 – Present

Director, EnviroRAD Ltd, Stirling, Scotland

In the process of setting up an environmental consultancy, specialising in environmental radioactivity, radiation measurements, biogeochemical behaviour of radionuclides, characterisation of radioactively contaminated land, radiological risk assessments, radioactive waste disposal, radiochemistry and laboratory quality assurance, BPEO and BPM studies.

2008 – August 2010

Principal Nuclear Environmental Consultant, WorleyParsons (Infrastructure & Environment), Stirling

Consultancy services to Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd: Joe provided consultancy services covering the local contamination at Dounreay nuclear site. The contamination is mainly in the form of discrete radioactive fuel fragments from past accidental discharges. He reported on the nature, occurrence and possible origin of contaminated plastic items found on local beaches; on the diffusive loss of radionuclides from buried radioactive particles and on the interpretation of high resolution gamma spectra taken from inside the offshore diffusion chamber which is thought to be the source for particle contamination of offshore sediments and local beaches. In support of the offshore particle retrieval programme, templates were designed and provided for the reporting of clean-up progress to local and national stakeholders.

Feasibility study into rapid in-situ segregation of radiologically clean material from LLW: with our Alliance partner MACTEC Development Corporation, it was demonstrated that excavated material could be processed at a fast rate through an automated conveyor-based soil sorting system, with the contaminating nuclides being detected, identified and quantified in real time. Using a unique reversing conveyor, contaminated material could be segregated from material below user-selected activity levels with high confidence, high volume throughput, leading to massive waste disposal savings.

Disposal of NORM wastes and radon surveys: WorleyParsons’ nuclear environmental team were subcontracted to undertake a review of legislation and guidance related to NORM (naturally occurring radioactive material) waste disposal, particularly the re-injection offshore of NORM wastes. The review carried out by Joe focused on developed countries with established regulatory control of radioactive waste. In collaboration with our Spanish office, Radon surveys were also carried out on one oil platform which showed no evidence of radon build-up near known Ra sources at time of sampling. Joe also provided the client with a retrospective radiological risk assessment covering work carried out with NORM-contaminated equipment and contributed to a training programme for workers covering radioactivity, radiological protection and legislation.

Surveys for NORM and depleted uranium in Iraq: Joe supported WorleyParsons Dubai office in an environmental baseline survey of gas-oil separating plants in Iraq, providing radiation doserate, surface contamination and radiological protection (EPD) services. He also provided the Health, Safety, Security and Environment Plan for the in-country baseline surveys.

2003 - 2008

Section manager, Land Remediation and particles Department, UKAEA Dounreay

As Particles Monitoring Project Manager, Environmental Programmes Department 2003 – 2006 and Section Manager (Particles) in the Land Remediation and Particles Department, 2006 – 2008, Joe had responsibility for carrying out an integrated programme of tasks under UKAEA's radioactive particles programme:

Delivered NDA targets under time and budget relating to improved onshore monitoring technology, innovative subsea monitoring technology and research into the physical, chemical and environmental behaviour of the particles.

Delivered series of reports and information to Regulators and to Dounreay Particles Advisory Group in support of their 3rd and 4th expert reports.

Developed clean-up strategy for environments contaminated by irradiated nuclear fuel fragments. Encouraged and monitored improvements by contractors in their onshore and offshore radiation monitoring methods.

Developed a team to provide a particles management strategy and contributed technical and management input to the Particles BPEO, represented UKAEA at workshops and public consultation meetings and served on the Options scoring panel.

Produced scope statements, schedules and costs for all aspects of the Particles programme, together with assumptions, exclusions, risks and mitigation actions. Provided a 20-year forward plan for Particles management required by the environmental regulator SEPA.

Provided key technical and strategic reports to regulators and expert groups on fuel fragments including a wide variety of reports on the extent of environmental contamination, the potential for radiation dose and hazard reduction mechanisms.

Set up and chaired the UKAEA Beach Monitoring Steering Group to explore the capabilities of particle-seeking technologies worldwide and to test rival systems on a purpose-built facility.

Wrote technical specifications for Tender documents, assessed and scored tender returns, managed the resulting offshore particle retrieval trials in consultation with a range of stakeholders – landowners, regulators, local harbour, Crown Estates, SNH.

Represented UKAEA and made regular presentations on progress of Particles Management Programme at a Scottish Government meeting, held bi-annually, which includes representatives from the SEPA, Highland Council, NDA, Health Protection Agency, Food Standards Agency, COMARE and the Dounreay Particles Advisory Group.

1999- 2003

Business Development Manager, Harwell Scientifics Ltd, Oxfordshire

UKAEA Harwell – Joe coordinated multidisciplinary analytical services for the clean-up of a complex contaminated area; including provision of rapid screening methods and high-sensitivity isotopic and mass spectrometric methods.

Environment Agency – Joe was project and technical manager for the Agency's large independent environmental monitoring programme around nuclear sites. This comprised environmental sampling, in-situ gamma dose rate and beta contamination measurements, backed up by a demanding laboratory programme of analysis covering over 650 samples per year for 15 radionuclides to tight reporting timescales and low detection limits.

MoD – Joe provided consultancy services on the provision of sampling and analysis protocols in support of UK armed forces potentially facing radiological dispersion devices.

Environment Agency – Joe managed the independent monitoring programme of the public water supply, covering quarterly samples from 32 UK sites, including provision of pre-treated sample containers and QC/QA advice. He interpreted analytical results and gave invited lectures on radiological safety of the UK water supplies and emergency preparedness given new threat of deliberate contamination by terrorists.

Radiochemistry support to Projects – Joe and his team developed, validated and applied laboratory radioanalytical methods, enabling clients to have confidence in delivered data and to develop clean-up or dose reduction strategies.

1990 - 1999

Projects and Laboratory Manager, AEA Technology, Harwell, Oxfordshire

Development of radioanalytical methods and laboratory accreditation in support of a wide range of government and private customers - providing, for example, results for the first UK database on the quality of laboratory radionuclide measurements in foodstuffs, the performance of soil decontamination trials and levels of NORM in materials from alumina and oil/gas field processes. Achieved UKAS accreditation for the provision of Opinions and Interpretations covering radioanalytical results.

Euratom and IAEA Safeguards – manager of UK Safeguards programme, helping develop sampling and analysis protocols for the detection of clandestine nuclear weapons programmes, via both the U enrichment route and Pu production route. Results and reports comprised a major UK contribution to a strengthened international Safeguards regime.

Food Standards Agency - managed a wide-ranging programme of chemical and radiochemical analysis of bottled water, mineral waters, private waters and beers, providing ingestion dose assessments for the Agency and other clients.

1980 - 1984

Postgraduate research scientist, CASE Award Glasgow University and Institute of Oceanographic Sciences, Surrey

NERC – funded postgraduate research into the geochemical behaviour of uranium in estuarine, coastal shelf and deep sea sediments and sediment porewaters. A fission track analysis method for U in limited-volume pore waters was developed in support of radwaste disposal options and for geochemical research.

Nuclear Geochemistry. Application of particle track analysis methods to geochemical studies: calculation of sediment deposition rates using alpha track analysis and comparison with conventional excess 230Th dating technique; identification of hot particles in the environment. Application of alpha spectrometric analysis to uranium series disequilibrium studies and natural analogue work used in nuclear waste disposal assessments.