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International Experience

From the oilfields in Europe to the deserts of Iraq, Envirorad has experience in various demanding environments around the world.

Oil Rig

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Envirorad's capabilities and experience includes:

  • in-situ radiation measurements using handheld instruments - (contamination, dose rate and radon)
  • technologies for seeking radioactive hot particles
  • radioactive waste management – waste segregation technology; use of natural analogues in support of geological disposal strategies
  • radionuclide speciation and environmental mobility
  • NORM surveys and assessments in the non-nuclear energy industries
  • radiochemical methods – development, validation and application
  • beta and gamma spectrometry
  • mass spectrometry methods for isotopic fingerprinting
  • proficiency testing of analytical services and laboratory auditing
  • provision of Health, Safety, Security and Environment plans
  • hazards analysis and provision of risk assessments and method statements
  • writing work-scope, schedule and cost volumes for decommissioning programmes

we can also offer, in collaboration with specialist contractors, spatially-precise wide area radiation spectrometry surveys performed either overland or subsea.

Wherever and however radiation measurement results are obtained, these can be interpreted for a variety of purposes, for example:

  • significance for health (radiological dose and risk assessment),
  • physical and geochemical mobility of the contaminants
  • for risk communication
  • regulatory context (e.g. Radioactive Substances Act, Ionising Radiation Regulations),
  • contaminated land assessments, from site conceptual model to generic and quantitative risk assessment for human and non-human receptors
  • support remediation and waste management programmes (optioneering, BPEO, BPM) and
  • assess provenance of the contamination (fingerprinting and nuclear forensics).

Reports and presentations in various forms can be provided to suit a range of stakeholders.

We can also undertake technical reviews and provide proof reading services.

With access to a wide range of technical information, we can take the onus off the client and provide advice and case studies covering many radioactivity issues.